Extreme Weather Procedure

Wherever possible we will attempt to keep the school open. If the weather conditions are particularly severe, however, the following arrangements will apply:

Before School Starts
If you are in doubt about whether the school will open, look at the school website, where a message will be displayed.

For any parent travelling from outside the village and who is concerned about driving conditions, registration will be extended to accommodate children arriving after 9am.

During School Hours
Should weather conditions worsen during school time to the extent that we need to close the school early, we will get in touch with you (or your named emergency contact) to collect your child.

Please make sure we have been given details of changed contact numbers, and we request that your mobile phones are kept on so we can easily make contact with you.

If you become concerned about deteriorating weather conditions you are at liberty to come to school to collect your child before the normal end of school.

Additional Information
In addition to the above arrangements, information will be broadcast by BBC Radio Bristol/Somerset on 95.5 FM.

Information will also be available on the BBC website under Local News where school closures are listed.