At Leigh on Mendip our aim in the teaching of Mathematics is to equip our children with the skills and tools the subject offers for their use in everyday life, today and in their future. We also aim to show children that Mathematics can be enjoyed in its own right as a creative and fascinating subject. We strive to develop pupil's mathematical thinking and overall confidence so that they can realise their full potential.

A daily mathematics lesson will be taught throughout Years 1 – 6. Mathematical activities, songs and games will be a daily part of learning in Early Years. Our school uses the Number Sense and White Rose Maths schemes to support teaching and learning throughout the school.

This scheme follows the National Curriculum 2014, which covers the following Programmes of Study:

  • Number - number and place value
  • Number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Number - fractions (including decimals and percentages for KS2)
  • Measurement 
  • Geometry - position and direction
  • Geometry - properties of shape
  • Statistics (Year 2 upwards)
  • Ratio and Proportion (Year 6)
  • Algebra (Year 6)

Long term progression in maths can be seen in the following document: