Starling Class

Hello and a warm welcome to Starling class. My name is Mrs Bache, and I am the Starling class teacher; we have the lovely highly experienced Mrs Patton as our class assistant. Starling class are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class, we have 23 members altogether. Starling class are extremely fortunate to have all weather decking outside of the classroom and a beautiful field behind the room, these both provide Starlings with lots of opportunity for outdoor play. 

In Starling class, we love to learn, we explore various forms of literature. In maths Starlings have recently been developing their addition and subtraction skills. The outdoor area provides plenty of opportunities for continuous provision. Throughout science Starlings have been learning about plants, each Starling was able to plant their own seeds and observe and compare seed growth. During our History lessons Starlings have been studying The Great Fire of London and The Victorians, topics which they have found to be fun and interesting. Starlings have been learning about artists such as Monet and Van Gogh and have created their own inspired pieces of artwork. On Mondays and Fridays Starlings enjoy yoga sessions and opportunities for mindfulness throughout the school week.


Starling Gallery