Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Class can be found in the new building up on the field in Leigh on Mendip School.   Children spend the first year of their school journey with us in our Reception class.

My name is Ms Stafford and I teach in Kingfisher Class with the expert support offered by Mrs Gilson and Mrs Phelps, my wonderful teaching assistants. We currently have a great balance of boys and girls making up our 20 class members.   

Kingfishers love to learn and play and we only have one rule that we work by and that is to be kind. We learn to listen and care for each other and love to work as a team. We are currently learning our phonemes, which allow us to be proficient readers and writers as we travel through the school and beyond. Alongside this we are working with number and, of course, strengthening our understanding of this time of year including trees in autumn and the upcoming festivities.  We enjoy hands on learning in our class and outside in our school grounds and are currently populating our new outside all weather space to maximise the learning fun activities possible. 

Please look out for a recording of our Christmas songs.