Eagle Class

Welcome to Eagle Class! In Eagle Class every day is a new, fun filled day where we strive to achieve our absolute best.

Our aim is to always be resilient, take pride in what we do and set ourselves challenges. We are extremely creative, enthusiastic and flourish in our classroom environment, where learning excites us and we are able to explore a range of learning opportunities. We really do love learning and have a real thirst for knowledge. We find questioning a huge part of our learning journey and always start our new topics by questioning what we already know and what we really want to learn about. In fact, we love to ask questions about absolutely anything and as a class explore all sorts of bizarre things! Did you know that snails can sleep for up to 3 years? We do!!

Above all, we are very kind people, who look out for one another and work together as a unit. Our class is made up of our teachers, Mrs Phillips, who teaches us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Smith who teaches us Thursday and Friday and also our teaching assistants, Mrs Patton and Miss Stinchcome. Then of course, the real stars of the show, us! There are 26 of us in total and we make up 3 year groups. Year 2, year 3 and year 4.